Valeria is a visual artist living and working in Bristol, UK. As a practicing artist, she has been exploring the issues of gender, identity, migration, and womanhood; her paintings are influenced by Central-and Eastern European culture, exploring myths and primordial female archetypes.

Valeria's education started at Art and Design College before moving onto studying a Degree in Graphic Design (KREA, Budapest). She has a BA Honours in Humanities with Art History specialism and an MA in History of Art (University of Bristol). 

Valeria has had several exhibitions and has many of her artworks in private collections. She exhibited in the Malvern Theatres, the Grant BradleyGallery in Bristol and the Parallax Art Fair in London and New York. Valeria was a participating artist in the VENICE VENDING MACHINE III., during the 56th Venice Biennale at Serra dei Giardini in 2015. 

In 2010 Valeria participated in the Accession 8 project which was a collaborative exhibition exploring the stereotypes of 'Eastern-European' women and the media portrayals of them. Her recent series of paintings are concerned with the Genocide of European Roma between 1939 and 1945. Valeria's research is focusing on transnationalism, gender studies, Holocaust and postwar art, Hungarian women artists behind the Iron Curtain; inherited trauma and memory, neuroaesthetics, phenomenology, anthroposophy, and colour theory. 

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